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Utah Wedding Videographer

Wedding days go by so fast and include so many different details, it’s almost impossible to capture it all by memory. This is why it’s so important to hire a videographer. They are there to capture the details and tender moments that you wouldn’t even notice on your own, so you can just relax and enjoy your day. One of my favorite videography businesses in Utah is Enlyte Media, owned by Jaidyn and Ben. Below you’ll find the results of an interview I had with Jaidyn!

Picture of Utah Videography Couple in mountains
Photo by Enlyte Media

Why Videography?

Jaidyn grew up in the photography world alongside her mom who was a photographer. She first started taking photos with her mom when she was 13. While Jaidyn enjoyed taking photos, she began to be interested in videos when she saw that it became an option on Instagram. She began making videos whenever possible, and soon bought a camera she could film with. From there Jaidyn was hooked, and she has been doing videography since then. When she met her husband Ben and began to teach him about videography, he fell in love with it too, and they have been working together since then.

Jaidyn’s favorite part of being a videographer is getting the chance to see the world in a different way. As she films, and especially edits, time slows down. She loves seeing the music and clips she’s been editing come together. The end result then helps people see the world in a more exciting and unique way that is almost better than the initial experience. 

Her favorite moments to capture on film are when people show emotion, especially because others don’t often notice it. When she gets the chance to film someone crying, it is almost as if she’s in their shoes. She then gets to emulate that emotion in the end product that is shared with the couple.

Jaidyn wants her clients to be able to appreciate their wedding in an almost dream-like way. Through her consultations and getting to know her clients, Jaidyn is able to discover what is important to her clients and include that as she films. This allows her clients to be in the present.

Utah Videography Couple in front of restaurant in Switzerland
Photo by Enlyte Media

Cinematic Videography

Enlyte Media’s videos are both timeless, and cinematic. Their goal is to bring their couple’s vision to life, whether that shows how much the couple likes to party, or whether the couple is more serious. They take the couple’s vision, and create videos that reflect it. The end result is then a movie like video portraying emotions and moments that are important to the couple.

What You Should Know

Jaidyn wishes people knew how time and effort goes into creating each video. She and her husband spend hours finding the right songs and editing clips to get timing and every detail to where it needs to be. But rather than spending so much time on each video being a burden, Jaidyn described it as a privilege. She and Ben genuinely care about each of their couples, and this is what motivates them.

Utah Wedding Videographer

There are so many details worth capturing on your wedding day, and this is why hiring a videographer is the best thing you can do! Jaidyn and Ben care not just about creating stunning videos, but about building relationships with their clients. This is why I highly recommend working with Enlyte Media if you’re looking for a Utah wedding videographer.

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