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Why Buy Local Flowers

If you haven’t figured it out yet, you’ll soon realize that I’m a huge fan of local flowers! I love supporting farmers in our community, and their product is unparalleled. 90% of the flowers I use in my weddings and events are locally sourced! Learn why local product is so important to me below.

Creating a Community

One of the main reasons I shop locally is that I love building relationships with the farmers in our community. I love getting to know the people who work so hard to grow such amazing product. It makes the entire flower process more personal as I think about how much work goes into each bloom at every stage of life. Local farmers also often collaborate with local florists to grow and provide the specific flowers we think our clients will want and need each year. 

Shopping local creates a positive impact not just in my relationships with local farmers, but for the entire community. As we support each other, we create opportunities for others in our community to support and shop local too. The more people who shop local in a community, the more the community benefits. I love being a small part of this!

Quality Product

The quality of the product I work with is one of my biggest priorities, and local flowers are indisputably of the highest quality. You can’t get a flower fresher than those that are locally grown. Because they are so fresh, they have a higher endurance level and last longer in harsher conditions than flowers that come from the wholesaler. This is especially important when working with flowers that tend to be more delicate or do not do as well with shipping, such as dahlias or cosmos.

Another huge advantage of working with local flowers is that I get to handpick each flower I  use for my brides. When shipping in flowers from the wholesaler, they often come in a different color than I ordered them in, come in irreparably damaged, or they don’t come in at all. I find great comfort in being able to go to the local flower farms around me and choose each individual flower I will use for my brides. 

Why Buy Local Flowers

Shopping local has become such a huge part of my business because the flowers are truly incomparable! Their endurance and beauty, not to mention the relationships they allow me to build, have made a huge impact on my business and on my life. I will continue to advocate for and use local flowers for my entire floral career!  If you’re looking for a florist who uses local flowers that will blend and enhance the quality of your wedding day, reach out! I’d love to chat!

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Check out some of the flower farms and markets I regularly go to for my local flowers: Foothill Farm Flowers, Utah Flower Market, Picklinq Collective

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Why Buy Local Flowers

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