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5 Things I Would Have Done Differently at My Wedding

bride and groom wrapped in veil
Photo By Laurel Smith

My husband and I have been married for just over two years. Our wedding day was wonderful, but being in the wedding industry now, there are a few things I would go back and change if I could do it again. I would change how we did our wedding florals, cake, playlist, receiving line, and alone time. Find out what I would have done differently below.

Wedding Florals

While I loved and worked with flowers, I didn’t voice a strong enough opinion about them. We ended up going pretty minimal with the florals. I wish we wouldn’t have! If I could do it again, I would definitely involve a broken arch, centerpieces, and taper candles. Fresh flowers in the hands of the right florist can completely transform a space! I wish I would have realized this.

Wedding Cake

Another thing I wish we would have thought more about was our cake. I honestly don’t remember what flavor it was but it wasn’t amazing. After being in the wedding industry myself, I’ve realized that there are truly skilled cake artists out there. There really are cake artists who know how to make a flavorful, moist, and stunning cake. I wish we would have taken the time to find one.

Wedding Playlist

The music totally sets the scene for your wedding reception. I wish I would’ve taken more time to realize that before the wedding. I’m not big into listening to music, but I do still have songs I like and others that I don’t. We ended up letting someone else choose our playlist, and I feel that the songs we listened to didn’t reflect me, and I would probably go with a different playlist if I could do it again.

Receiving Line

For the majority of our reception, we ended up standing in the receiving line talking to people who came to be there for us. While I did enjoy talking with the people who came to support us, I wish we would have mingled more and walked around instead of staying in the same place. It would have broken up the long night and we would have had a chance to relax and actually enjoy the reception!

Private Moments

One of the main things we should have done was plan some time to be alone together. It felt like we were constantly going from place to place without getting a break. We were always surrounded by people. We should have planned a private vow ceremony, dance, or something that would have let us appreciate that we were finally married!

bride smiling up at groom
Photo By RaChelle Squibb

How We Could Have Solved These Problems!

All of the above things are important to me, and maybe some of them are important to you and others aren’t. My main point is that you should plan your wedding around your own wants, not the wants of your family members or others! It’s your day, and that should mean something! Someone who can help you plan your day according to your actual wants, is a wedding planner! If we would have hired one I’m confident that we would have had a better experience! 

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5 Things I Would Have Done Differently at My Wedding