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Luxury Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery is one of the first wedding related items most couples work on. It conveys the tone and theme of the wedding and is often displayed in a prominent location. Beautiful stationery can make all the difference in setting up and preparing for your big day. This is why you should spend time working with a designer to create custom stationery! One of my all time favorite luxury wedding stationers in Utah is Mizuho (Mimi) Reece who owns Mimi Studio Wedding.

Why Wedding Stationery

Mimi was born and raised in Japan! After coming across a calligraphy account on Instagram, she fell in love with modern calligraphy and attended a workshop. From there, she practiced as often as possible and did the calligraphy for a friend’s wedding. This wedding solidified her desire to continue in the industry. After moving to the United States about a year ago, she continued to practice her calligraphy but wanted to get into wedding stationery as well. This desire led her to taking a stationery course online, and shortly after completing it she launched her own business! She has been creating beautiful wedding stationery and calligraphy since then.

Mimi knows how stressful wedding planning is. And figuring out the proper etiquette and wording involved with wedding invitations can add to that stress. This is why she works with each of her clients through a step by step process to create the perfect stationery suite. She loves the individuality of each stationery suite, especially because the entire wedding party is able to enjoy it.

Her favorite part about being a stationer is that she gets to create something long lasting that everybody can keep and cherish, including the wedding guests. Many wedding related items are made specifically for the wedding day, and some are met specifically for just the bride and groom. But wedding stationery suites last much longer than one day and can be kept as a remembrance of the wedding long after it is done.

Wedding Invitation on flowers
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Custom Stationery Designs

Mimi’s stationery style combines both modern and romantic aspects into one harmonious blend. She then adjusts the amount of modernism and romanticism in the invitation suite based on each client’s preferences.

She wishes that people realized how much the invitation suite sets the tone for the wedding. Wedding stationery should be a reflection of each couple, and many people tend to overlook this fact. By going with a big company, couples forgo the personal aspect that working with a stationer brings to the invitation suite. 

Luxury Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery can and should set the tone for your wedding! It showcases your style, aesthetic, and what kind of experience you want the wedding to be for your guests. If you’re looking for someone you can trust co create luxury wedding stationery, you need to reach out to Mimi! She is truly amazing at what she does and never ceases to amaze me with each invitation suite she produces.

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