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Wedding Flower Preservation

Have you ever thought about what will happen to your bridal bouquet after your big day? Despite the hours that florists spend sourcing flowers and designing, bridal bouquets are often thrown away after the wedding day. One of my favorite solutions to this is getting your bouquet pressed and framed. This allows you to keep your bridal bouquet and all of its memories with you forever! One of my favorite wedding flower preservation artists is Paige who owns Ever After Floral Preservation.

Why Pressed Flowers?

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Paige was working as a dental assistant a few years back and realized that it was time for a change because she didn’t love her job. After quitting her job, she hired a business coach and decided it was time to take her hobby of pressing flowers to the next level. She soon started her own business and has been pressing flowers since then!

Paige’s main goal is to create a work of art made specifically for each of her clients. This is why she creates multiple layout options for the flowers and lets her clients choose exactly how they want their flowers to be placed. Throughout the entire design process, Paige stays in touch with her clients to create the perfect product for them.

What You Should Know About Pressed Flowers

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Her favorite part of running her business is designing and putting the frame together. Some of Paige’s favorite flowers include anemones and poppies because they press so beautifully! Some flowers that are thicker such as dahlias tend to be harder to press, and this means that she has to take the flowers apart petal by petal and then glue them back together after they have dried. But the end result is worth it!

Paige wishes people knew that pressing and framing flowers is a time consuming process! It takes roughly 8 weeks just for the flowers to finish drying. After the flowers are dry she can finally start to design with them and put them in frames!

Wedding Flower Preservation

If you love flowers and want something special to remember your wedding by, you should get your bouquet pressed and framed! Preserving your flowers is something you won’t regret, and Paige is the one you need to trust to do it. Not only is she skilled at preserving and maintaining your flowers as she received them, but she is also amazing at designing them!

Learn more about Paige and Ever Afer Floral Here!

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